1st Annual Colossus Film Festival

Rhodes Greece - June 23rd-26th, 2016



The Colossus Film Festival 

The first annual Colossus Film Festival will be held on the historical island of Rhodes, Greece. The event which will take place on June 23rd to the 26th, 2016 in corporation with the Municipality of Rhodes, is the first international film festival on the island.

BCBF Media Group, with the help and endorsement of The Vice Mayor Of Culture Communication and Media - Mr.Teris Xatziioannou, The Mayor Of Rhodes Island - Fotis Xantzidiakos, chose the island of Rhodes (Rodos) to host the festival for one reason only; 

"A common ground where entertainment business can be conducted, hospitality comes with the tradition and natural beauty is guaranteed."-Xantzidiakos. October 2015

The Rodos Film Festival(s), was created to entertain film makers and distributors to network as well as enjoy each others work.

Awards & Prizes

Best Feature Film 
Best Short Film (minimum 10 minutes, maximum 30 minutes) 
Best Comedy 
Best Horror 
Best Music Video 
Best Fashion Video 
Best Soundtrack

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